Recognizing the mental health needs of our community, Prepare First Aid Training is very pleased to announce that Mental Health First Aid is now available!

To assist us, we are delighted to welcome Debra Lefebvre, a passionate, empathetic, knowledgeable and certified Registered Nurse professional to our team.  Debra, who has many years experience delivering high quality health and education to people of all ages, will facilitate the MHFA course. She would welcome your invitation to deliver the MHFA course, to empower you to feel confident enough to support others who may be having a mental health challenge or in a crisis. Debra is available to facilitate MHFA in the city, in the country or on-reserve (Debra has many years experience working with First Nations).

About the Course

Mental Health First Aid – Basic is a 12-hour training course delivered in four modules of three hours each, usually over two days. Participants will learn how to provide initial help to people who are showing signs of a mental health challenge or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Prepare First Aid Training teaches Mental Health First Aid skills. The course does not train people to be therapists, counselors or mental health professionals. The philosophy behind MHFA Canada is that mental health crisis, such as suicidal and self-harming actions, may be avoided through early intervention. If crisis does arise, then members of the public can take action that may reduce the harm that could result.

  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Substance Use Disorder