All Red Cross certifications are valid for 3 years from the date of issue and you may recertify anytime within that 3 year period. This however may differ from what your employer requires. Many workplaces require you to take CPR annually.  You must follow the requirements set out by your workplace.
Yes, we provide onsite training. We do need a minimum attendance of 8 participants to facilitate a private group. It is the same cost as attending one of our public sessions.This means if one of your employees was unable to attend the “onsite” first aid training, he/she may attend one of our public courses. This is an advantage to choosing our training services.
Cancellation is 48 hours prior to scheduled training or regular fees will apply. We have flexible scheduling options to help you rebook.
Yes, we provide training when you need it for a private course. There is no additional cost for training commencing by 4pm.. We want your employees to succeed. Offering training during a person’s normal working hours helps ensure successful learning.
Yes. We provide group rates for 13+ participants. Please call us for details.
Call (204) 330-8288 or email us We can help you save a life!